Kaos Bender Bio


October 10, 2018

Kaos Bender And The Traveling Trailer Park was banded in 2017 by Kristy Kaos and Jazz Bender. These two have had a long history of music together. Starting out in their teens in the 80’s, they made a big impact on the west coast rock scene in bands like ‘Gypsy Joker”, “Juicy Miss Lucy” and “Noize Boyz”. They sold thousands of records and toured the country on independent labels until 2010 they opened a horror themed bar called “The Underworld”(later featured on Bar Rescue and transformed into a Zombie Apocolypse Bar called “The End”). At the same time noticing the growing popularity of tribute bands, they created the country’s first full blown tribute to Kid Rock called “Kid Cocky”. The Kid Cocky show starring Kristy Kaos as Kid Rock included an “Uncle Kracker” (Jazz Bender), and a “Sheryl Crow” (Channa Bender). The show did well for 8 years and really inspired them in the southern rock and country genre. So in 2017, they decided to get back to writing original music in the old school rock n roll style, with content based on fun rather than the stressful dramatic topics that consume a lot of current music styles. To their surprise, the new music was unbelievably well received. They released their first single “Southern Girl” a year ago and it already has 300,000 views. The follow up Everybody U.S.A. just beat 150,000 views, and the new single “Hall Of Fame” is climbing with same intensity as the first two. This band is definitely here to stay and can be found on every major media, streaming, and download app in the world!!

Kaos Bender And The traveling Trailer Park is:

Kristy Kaos - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Jazz Bender - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Channa Bender - Vocals, Acoustic, Keys

Paulie Walnuts - Bass

Joey “Rolex” Hicks - Drums